Volframi´s targeted glass processing device

Unprecedented flexibility in producing functional glass panes with targeted processing

There is an increasing need to bring functionalities on glass surfaces in the construction, transportation and power generation industries. Thin film coatings are an emerging way to improve properties or add new functionalities in the glass processing industry. However, the pace of innovation is being held back by the demanding requirements in glass processing, including large facilities to house big, expensive machinery for each of the different processes.

Introducing for the first time a short video of Volframi´s glass processing device and a process

Volframi’s compact, state of the art glass processing device to apply different kinds of functionalities as required, including different targeted processes on the same pane in one go.

Video: Videotiiviste Oy
Watch the video from the link: Volframi´s targeted partial glass process

Volframi Partial Glass Processing Device


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