What we do



What we do

Volframi is a process and equipment engineering company. We manufacture equipment and develops methods for various partial coating needs.

Our purpose is to make scalable solutions for normal factory conditions at a reasonable price.
Coating can be used e.g. for transparent and integrated control systems.

Targeted Partial Processing Tool

Volframi Oy Ltd in brief

Industrial process and equipment engineering company

Volframi converts processes used in other industries. Currently, we are developing coating tools and processes for the glass industry, commonly used in the display industry. This opens up new product and process opportunities to the glass industry.

Targeted coatings can be used in many ways. For example, autonomous cars require small, coated areas on car windows for improved sensor performance. We can offer different approaches to these solutions. 

We rethought and simplified the process, giving the glass processing industry opportunities for completely new products and competitive means to penetrate new industries.