Controller on the glass surface

A controller on the glass surface for many purposes

Volframi’s unique technology allows to create small, coated areas on the glass sheet. These areas can be used for various purposes, such as making bird-friendly glass, if the glass size varies. One application is a controller on the glass surface that can be used to control glass, lighting, or a motor etc.

As there has been a lot of interest and demand for controllers, together with a partner we decided to develop a demo, or rather a prototype, which has been designed with many of the desired features in mind. The prototype served as a platform for the development of fully commercial, mass-producible and also low-volume electronics. Only fully commercial products with excellent availability are used as electronics.


Freedom to create an attractive appearance

Unique brand with the same electronics

Further design can take into account the customer’s needs in terms of the manufacturing process, as well as requests for functionalities or energy requirements. Electronics and controller manufacturing are designed to be suitable for installation in IGUs or in building beams, among other things.

This type of controller takes the branding of the company and its products to a whole new level, as the designer has almost complete freedom to create a unique and attractive look. The control for lights or blinds is no longer a plastic box switch on a wall or window side, it is part of a personalised product, where the brand gets to shine.

Follow the prototype development process on our blog.