Our Technological Inventions

Volframi have rethought and simplified the process, giving processing industry opportunities for completely new products and competitive means to penetrate new industries.
For the first time, a large selection of capabilities is available to glass processors of all sizes in an affordable and flexible package.

For these applications, you need a tool, with which you can make coatings that are suitable for your purposes. Volframi customises the tool according to your needs.
On this page, we present some solutions for architectural and automotive applications, among others. Here are just a few examples of the numerous possible applications.

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Solutions for architectural purposes - smart living


Our solutions are suitable e.g., for control switchable and electrochromic glasses, blinds and awnings.
Functional coating examples:

  • integrated systems e.g., switches on windows (Read more…)
  • switchable glass control
  • sensors e.g., humidity or temperature sensors
  • detectors e.g., glass break sensors
  • energy harvesting
  • conductive areas

The partial coating method makes it possible to produce non-standard reflective areas on glass.

If electronics is also needed, we have partners for product development.

autonomous vehicles

Solutions for automotive purposes - smart environment

Automotive and transportation

Partial coating is an excellent way to create separate areas where specific properties are required, for example in car windscreens.

Depending on the materials used for the coating, different properties can be achieved. With Volframi’s equipment, it is possible to coat using different material stacks in one go.

In transport vehicles, some of the same applications as in architecture can be used, such as replace alternative switches and buttons, even in touchless mode. Glasses can also be given hydrophobic properties.

Partial coating can be used for applications such as:

  • heated areas
  • antireflective areas
  • hud areas


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Check out the video of the partial coating solutions and possibilities

Video by Videotiiviste Oy,

Read more about integrated systems in our blog

The integrated glass control is suitable for controlling e.g. integral blinds, or external solar shades which blocks up the heat and UV rays , and also allow a view to the outside, while providing privacy from the exterior view.