Our technological inventions

Volframi Oy develops new processing methods and tools for the glass industry.
Our vision is to offer new opportunities for forerunners, something new that has been used successfully in other industries. 

 Currently, we are developing a tool for targeted coating that enables the production of completely new products and applications.
Targeted coating means that only the area to be processed is treated in the machine. This significantly reduces the size and price of the tool.
For users, this means that the size or shape of the glass is no longer a limitation.
The waste generation, material loss and electricity consumption are also substantially lower than with current methods.

Multipel layers with our partial coating process

Volframi Oy Ltd - an innovative game changer

Innovations are crucial for glass processors

Innovations are crucial for glass industries that are investing resources in R&D to develop new ways to use glass and make new products.

For glass processors, we offer capability to make, e.g., touch controller interfaces on standard window panes.
These controllers can be used to control anything, as is currently done with ordinary switches.
For example, you can control smart glass sets directly on glass
panes, or control venetian blinds and awnings.
If targeted area coating is needed, our equipment is the right solution.

Currently, we offer customized coating tools for targeted processing. We are capable to introduce most of the semiconductor processes for targeted processing.

Rethinking glass processing and current processes

What makes Volframi unique?

Our first tools are based on a traditional coating method, but glass handling and how the process is performed is our unique technology. While removing size and shape restrictions, we also reduce use of material and electricity to a minimum. In addition, tool size is a fraction of the current ones, which also affects the equipment pricing and factory layout planning.

Our TCT200 is suitable for most glass processors. With this tool, users can coat and pattern any sized glass panes, for example to have a touch controller at a reasonable cost.  

Our way of producing a partial targeted coating is faster, more affordable, feasible and more sustainable than current working methods. With our method, more and more companies in the glass processing industry have the opportunity to manufacture coatings and create new products and solutions that would not have been possible before.  

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Advantages and benefits of partial coating

Volframi’s partial coating offers a cost-effective and simple solution to many industrial problems that have had to be solved by currently available methods.

  • By using our method, there is no need for the space taken up by large and expensive equipment or the expertise required for demanding processes.
  • In addition, no unnecessary waste is generated.
  • Our small tool saves space, the simplified process reduces the need for specialist skills and the coating of only the required area reduces the amount of waste.

These advantages are an unbeatable combination when only a small area needs to be coated.

  • Thanks to our cost-saving design, the price of the equipment remains moderate for the customer. Several units can be installed side by side, allowing for increased production capacity.
  • Depending on the application, the need for clean rooms can be avoided, resulting in significant cost savings.



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Partial processing