About Us

Volframi provides tools for making multiple coatings for different glass functionalities

Industrial process and equipment engineering company

Volframi Oy Ltd is an engineering startup focusing on rethinking the processes currently used in the industry. We develop processes and equipment for partial coating processes.

In 2023, we look forward to successful projects with our existing customers, good partnerships with new customers and more challenging development projects.
The growing focus on the aesthetic and functional features of glass, the increasing demand for value-added products, such as automotive glazing and new innovations in architecture, and the expanding solar energy market offer us new growth opportunities.

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Our core values

Our brand values are quality, expertise, innovation, collaboration and sustainability.

Our purpose is to provide scalable solutions for partial surface coating.

We work together, both internally and externally, to achieve more. We believe that the way to a better and more sustainable world is to promote sustainability in our everyday activities and to commit to ethical and responsible business practices.