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customised equipment for partial surface processes

What we do

Volframi Oy manufactures equipment and develops methods for various partial coating processes.
We have introduced a new vacuum coating process without the traditional limitations of glass and equipment size.
This innovative process allows us to make targeted coating on a glass pane without coating the entire area.

Volframi’s completely new way of handling glass allows the addition of new functionalities, making some existing functions easier and more feasible.
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Volframi´s targeted glass coating process

Customised tools for your needs

Volframi makes nanotechnology utilisation possible in traditional industries

The partial coating developed by Volframi is based on the traditional vacuum sputtering coating method. As only a small part of the surface is treated, it is not necessary to process the entire glass. This means that the size of the tool can be significantly smaller and there are no size restrictions on the size of the glass. The coating can be applied freely on the glass, including the edges, and the curved shape of the glass is not an obstacle.

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Coating can be used e.g. for transparent and integrated control systems.  You can design aesthetic switches straight on the glass. Controllers can be used for various purposes. Read more: www.intelligentglasscontrol.com


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Glass Performance Days 2023 in June, Tampere Finland

The slider controller interface prototype