GPD 2023

We recently had the honor of participating in a captivating glass industry event GPD 2023 in Tampere, and it was an experience that left us truly inspired. The event brought together passionate individuals and industry experts, creating an environment buzzing with innovation and excitement.
We were thrilled to showcase our groundbreaking technology to an engaged audience, and the response we received surpassed our expectations.

An Inspiring Atmosphere
The GPD 2023 exuded an atmosphere of collaboration and enthusiasm. Engaging with fellow attendees, we exchanged ideas, perspectives, and insights that sparked creativity and sparked new possibilities. It was heartening to witness the collective passion for innovation and the shared commitment to advancing the glass industry.
The event served as a reminder of the incredible potential that lies within our industry and the importance of pushing boundaries to drive progress.



Presenting Our Technology
Stepping onto the stage to present our cutting-edge technology was an exiting moment. The attentive audience filled with industry professionals listened as we shared our vision and demonstrated the transformative potential of our solution. The opportunity to highlight the unique features and benefits of our technology was rewarding.

The positive response, the genuine interest we received, and the connections we made affirmed the significance of our technology and its potential to make a lasting impact. The contacts we made during the event hold great promise for future collaborations, as we discovered shared objectives and synergies with other innovative companies and industry pioneers. We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and the potential to drive positive change within the glass industry.

A heartfelt thank you to the organizers for putting together such a remarkable gathering.
The seamless organization, engaging sessions, and vibrant networking opportunities created an environment conducive to growth and exploration!