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Volframi Oy Ltd

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Operaattori: Apix Messaging Oy
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CEO / Management, Administration, Marketing

Sari Vuoristo

Sari Vuoristo, Founder

Sari has a long entrepreneurial background. As the founder of Volframi, she has a strong vision of how the business should grow in the years to come. Being an entrepreneur in new technologies means a lot of learning, tolerance of uncertainty and long-term commitment. It requires the ability to create trust both within the team and with partners and customers. Mutual trust is key to finding real added value for the customer.

Entrepreneurship in a new industry and with new technologies offers challenges, but also huge opportunities for success. Our strengths are understanding customers and markets, providing a competitive advantage to customers, adding value, positioning, and thinking sales from the customer’s perspective. In co-operation with our customers, we create unique solutions to their problems and challenges.

tel. +358-40-5300 993

CTO / Sales, Products, Technology

Jukka Vuoristo

Jukka Vuoristo, Founder, Inventor of targeted partial processing 

Jukka Vuoristo has a long and diverse experience in various sectors of the manufacturing industry, including display manufacturing, MEMS production and glass processing industry, as well as various technical sales roles in BtoB trade. Against this background, he has developed a solid ability to change perspectives in the face of industry challenges.

The outlook in the future:
Processes and activities from different industries can be combined in a specific framework to create completely new and competitive solutions for the glass processing industry. To meet the challenges of low-cost production and the demands of sustainability, the glass processing industry needs to take a bold next step and penetrate new markets.

tel. +358-45-1209 773