Create new innovations on the glass – easily and quickly!

Volframi Oy Ltd develops a method and tools usable in the coating processes of surfaces.

Volframi rethought the process to enable an easier, cheaper and more feasible method to process partial coatings on large substrates, which in turn allows various new innovative products for the smart glass market in the construction, transportation, and power generation industries.
Coating can be used e.g. for transparent and integrated control systems.


Possible Applications can be …

  • Integrated Systems
  • Sensors
  • Detectors
  • Conductive Areas
  • Tactile Coatings
  • Functional Coatings

Our innovative method allows creating cost-efective, transparent applications on the glass. The application can be, e.g. on/off switches or dimmers. Check out our product pages at

These innovative controllers are really easy to create with our device.

  • There are no limitations for glass sizes.
  • Stand-alone or as a module
  • Partially without coating entire surface
  • No clean room

With our tool, you can make targeted coatings on a surface of any size without coating the entire surface.